Guitar Nine Records

A Master Of The 7-String

Having developed the ability to harmonize a melody any number of ways on his 7-string guitar (in the manner of the father of the 7-string, George Van Eps), Fred Fried recently released the instrumental jazz CD, The Wisdom Of Notes. Jazz guitar fans will relish the approach espoused by Fried, who uses his guitar (including a nylon-strung 7-string, along with electric) to create the music he himself would want to hear it. Joined by bassist Michael Moore and drummer Tony Tedesco, Fried serves up standards as well as extremely listenable original numbers, such as "The Simplest Things", "Evening Song", and, of course, the title tune. An active live performer, Fried's album is a gem, as he pours his experience and sensitivity into each track, leaving the listener with a feeling of satisfaction and anticipation (for more!)